About Square


Here comes SQUARE, a new class of real estate gathering. Innovative and uncommon.

A disruptive conference for a changing real estate sector. An event that, on top of just pure propert
matters, will address through international-class speakers the issues that are not only affecting but, in fact, re-shaping both our world and our industry.

Consequently, SQUARE is born with the goal of trying
to get answers to a simple, yet deep, question:

So, at SQUARE we’ll try to answer questions such as these:

  • Where is the property industry going?
  • What challenges will it face in the next 5, 10, 20 years?
  • How technology is already changing it?
  • And how much will technology still change our industry in the years to come?
  • How crypto-currencies will pose a challenge to the central banks, i.e. the Fed and the ECB, and thus to the political bodies behind them??
  • How cryptos are to affect property transactions?
  • How migrations and an aging population are to change our cities?
  • What new values and patterns will millennials follow in very few years when it comes to living, travelling, working or shopping?
  • How all these issues are to affect not only long term but also short term to the different real estate products?
  • And consequently, how are investors facing such challenges and trying to anticipate them?

And that’s why SQUARE will devote its first day (June 27th, at 3.00 pm) to give “food for thought” to the “movers & shakers” of property that will attend it.  The three Keynote Speakers supplying “food for thought” will be:

  • Dr. Tillmann Lauk Former Deutsche Bank’s Global Board of Directors member, who will give us his views on the triple crisis of Western Capitalism: democracy, banking and currency… and why cryptos can definitely be part of the solutions to it.
  • Dr. Andrew Baum Oxford’s Said Business School Practice Professor and Property Funds 
Research’s Chairman, who will share his views on technology and property, that is, how technology is to change our real estate world and how it will change the big investors’ criteria.
  • Jean Nouvel Pritzker Prize Winner, who will tell us how he envisions cities 20 years from now.

And then, the day after, on Thursday, the 28th, we’ll have the “down to business” program.  There will be four sessions, one per segment of the property industry: “resi”, “offices”, “hotels” and “retail + logistics”… plus a session on something common to all such segments: money, that is, there will be a “closing session” on “investment”.

Each one of these sessions will have this structure: 20-25 minutes of “a solo presentation”, then a 30-35-minute debate with two/three bright players from each segment, and then a 15-20 minute very open debate/discussion with the floor, so that attendees will be able to not only ask a question but also, if they feel like, give their opinion or make their own statement (“tiny speech”).

That’s what SQUARE will be about. Well, it will be about that… but also, why not?, about meeting the peers and sharing talks and experiences in a distended, relaxed ambiance; with enough time to enjoy a good quiet Ibiza countryside dinner or a lively one, with a cigar and a drink while feeling the breeze of a Mediterranean night.

We do hope you like the programmes (in plural) that we have designed for you.
Thanks for considering them. And we look forward to eventually seeing you in Ibiza on June 27th-28th (and in Formentera on the 29th).

About the organizer
SQUARE is organized by a small, devoted and enthusiastic team led by José María Pons (CEO & Founder) who was also the Founding Managing Director of “Barcelona Meeting Point” in 1997 and who ran it until 2017.