Founder & CEO Clikalia Madrid
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Alister Moreno is the founder and CEO of Clikalia, a technological company that streamlines, facilitates, and brings transparency to all processes related to housing.

Clikalia buys homes in 7 days, injecting liquidity into the market, and returns them to it through sale or rental in record time, renovated and with improved energy efficiency. Its mission is to modernize the real estate market, making it more sustainable and energy-efficient, and increasing the housing supply through property renovation. In this process, it supports its clients throughout their real estate journey, providing them with all services related to housing: architecture, financing (mortgages), legal services, moving, change of supplies, etc.

Alister’s strategic vision and ability to develop new business models have been essential for the rapid growth of the company. Founded in Madrid in 2018, the company has expanded to Mexico (2021), Portugal (2022), and France (2022), in addition to strengthening its presence in Spain. From the initial 11 members, the Clikalia team has grown exponentially to nearly 700 people today, with a leadership committee where 80% of its members are women. In 2021, Clikalia achieved the largest financing round in Spain, exceeding 460 million euros. It has recently been selected to become part of EsTech, the platform for leading scale-ups and unicorns in Spain.

The entrepreneurial philosophy and panoramic vision of Alister that have led to the success of Clikalia are the result of training and life and professional experience forged between Spain and the United States. Born in the US, Alister graduated in Business Administration in Madrid (CUNEF) and from Harvard Business School (HBS).

He developed his professional career in Investment Banking in New York and Boston. During that period, he specialized in Credit Markets and later in the TMT industries (telecommunications, media, and technology), where he analyzed new business models that were changing the world, improving customer experience, and challenging the status quo of traditional sectors such as real estate. During that time, he closely learned the capacity of leveraging technology to accelerate various types of businesses.

In addition to being the CEO and founder of Clikalia, Alister is part of the board of directors of LaFinca Global Assets as an independent advisor. He is also an active advisor and sits at the board of public and private companies. He is part of Endeavor and an avid angel investor.