For the third year around, and after the disruptive pandemic break, here comes SQUARE, a new class of real estate gathering. Innovative and different. In a place, Ibiza, where everyone feels like going.

An uncommon conference for a changing real estate sector… within a world and a society being re-shaped by a series of new issues such as new values and trends, technology, migrations, geopolitical shifts… and, of course, by the “unknown” effects of the pandemic.

Therefore, SQUARE in its third edition, will remain faithful to its founding goal of trying to anticipate WHERE THE PROPERTY INDUSTRY IS HEADED as a consequence of such changes; what we can expect 5 to 10 years down the road; what the leading companies of today need to take into account, and how to react accordingly, so they stay at the top throughout the next decade.

So, that’s what SQUARE 2021 will offer… plus, why not?, plenty of time to network and share talks and experiences in a cool and relaxed ambiance, enjoying as much a quiet Ibiza countryside dinner as a lively one by the seaside while smoking a fresh hand-made cigar and having a drink with the peers while feeling the breeze of a warm Mediterranean evening.

About the organizer

SQUARE is organized by a small, devoted and enthusiastic team led by José María Pons (CEO & Founder) who was also the Founding Managing Director of “Barcelona Meeting Point” from 1997 till 2017.

SQUARE is very proud to count with Diversity Talks Real Estate and UrbanOvation as Industry Partners.