If you are new to SQUARE and would like to figure out what you may expect from your attending in May 2024, take a look please at the Programs of the past editions.  You will see the true world-class speakers that we featured as well as the topics we addressed. 

Many of the issues and many of the speakers presented were not what you would expect at a mainstream RE conference.  Hence, our speakers and topics make of SQUARE a very different, bold and uncommon event every year.


Our speakers: Struan Robertson, Chantal Clavier, William Kistler, Cristina García-Peri, Richard Powers, Neil Slater, Marlene Wind, Lanxin Xiang, Pepe Escobar, Stephanie Flanders, Howard Saunders, Murat Demiral, Andriy Ivchenko, Despina Katsikakis, Ronen Journo, Phil Ross, Nick Turner, Wenzel Hoberg, Sara Lucas, Stephanie Bensimon, Borja Sierra…
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Our speakers: Aref Lahham, Sophie Van Oosterom, Struan Robertson, Edward Siskind, Alia ElGazzar, Cristina García-Peri, Gerald Parkes, Borja Sierra, Toni Segarra, Andrew Baum, Samantha Kempe, Valentina Shegoyan, Faisal Butt, Savannah De Savary, Tono Gámiz, Amelia Kallman, Chantal Clavier, Lanxin Xiang, Andrei Martyanov, Cameron Sawyer, Andrew Allen, William Kistler, Christoph Noe, Désiré Feuerle, Howard Saunders…
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Our Speakers: Roger Orf, Barbara Knoflach, Raphael Nagel, David Brush, Brendan Wallace, Charlie Macgregor, Chris Choa, Michael Abel, Andrew Baum, Henry Coutinho-Mason, Ismael Clemente, Andrew Vaughn, Cristina Garcia-Peri, William Kistler, Howard Saunders, Cate Trotter, Zoe Haseman, Struan Robertson…
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Our Speakers: Alexander Gebauer, Joao Albuquerque, Roberto Cibeira, Ismael Clemente, Dominic Cools-Lartigue, Toby Cooper, Cristina García-Peri, Sabina Kalyan, Bill Kistler, Walter Lo Faro, Charlie Macgregor, Lara Marrero, Reza Merchant, Martin Miculitzki, Louise Morrisey, Arnaldo Muñoz, Patrick Nelson, George Nicholas, Juan María Nin, Ali Otmar, Marc Rahola, Victor Rahola, Guillermo Romero, Howard Saunders, Borja Sierra, Daniel Stelter, Valerie Stern, Oliver Winter…
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Our Speakers: Tillmann Lauk, Andrew Baum, Jean Nouvel, Howard Saunders, Brian Garrison, Guille Corominas, Terry Von Bibra, Bill Kistler, Marie Puybaraud, David Brush, Edward Owen, Borja Bassa, Andres Sanchez, Jesus Sobrino, George Nicholas, Paul Papadimitriou, Marcus Cieleback, Miguel Oñate, Alberto Valls, Javier Faus, Juan Pepa…
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